Original WoltLab Suite 5.2


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The Gallery Suite 5.2 is the next milestone in the history of the Community and forum solutions that you can try without obligation the successor to the hugely successful WoltLab Suite 3.

System requirements

For the Installation and use of WoltLab Suite 5.2, the following requirements must be met:

Web server with PHP 7.0.22 or higher (PHP 7.3+ recommended)
MySQL 5.5.35 (or newer) / MariaDB 5.5.47 (or newer) / MariaDB 10.0.22 (or higher)
20 MB hard disk space
Current Web Browser (Chrome 76+, Firefox, 68+, Safari 12+, Microsoft Edge 44+ [EdgeHTML 18+])
Installation instructions

Download the installation archive on your Computer.
Unpack the archive.
Download the files install.php, test.php and WCFSetup.tar.gz on your web server.
Start the Installation by calling the file test.php in your web browser.
Upgrading from previous versions

The first Beta Version does not support upgrading from previous versions of WoltLab Suite 3.x, the Update functionality is only enabled with the following versions.

Use & Support

It is a test version that is not meant for productive use. The use in a production environment is at your own risk. An Update from WoltLab Suite 5.2 Beta 1 on future versions is not guaranteed. The duration of use of the beta version is on the 25. October 2019-limited, then a further use is only permitted with a valid license.

Questions and suggestions about the new Version can be left in the Forum; In the case of problems or disagreements, we ask for a short feedback in the appropriate area, so that we can take care of that.

Adapt the version numbers

The Forum App is used for historical reasons, a higher version number, causing some confusion. Starting from this Version, all products run under the unified version number 5.2.