CLONED CARD METHOD AVAILABLE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS.. Old customers had made a lot of cash with my cloned cards so it was like the same people always..

Buying a cloned credit card is more fast, easier and stress free for cashouts , you don’t need loading your funds or method you loading it with

There are two major steps in credit card cloning: obtaining credit card information, then creating a fake card that can be used for purchases.

Stealing credit card information. Thieves steal your credit card data: your name, along with the credit card number and expiration date. Often, thieves use skimming or shimming to obtain this information.

Skimming frequently happens at gas pumps or ATMs. But it also can occur when you hand your card over for payment, especially if it leaves your sight. For instance, a shady waiter skims your credit card data with a handheld device.

All you gotta do is order for a CCC (Cloned Credit Card) with high balance enough for the kinda cashout you need cus you wouldn’t like using the ATM everyday

Head to the store or any ATM and cashout

You ain’t got nothing to be scared of when shopping with the CCC if you bought it from me

But if you buy elsewhere, I advise you use the ATM first before going to the store, know you need no embarrassment

Remember it’s a day delivery if you’re in the states
2-3days other countries
You're gonna stay here and watch other people make it.

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