Nulled Bitrix modules updater Script


Bitrix modules updater Script

making script?
It allows you to download modules and Delta updates using the key Bitrix.
All the updates are downloaded in the folder /bitrix/updates in a particular format."upd"
Since the module and updates it's just a file it becomes easy to carry, to convey, to share.
But most importantly, the installation of updates in the script is EXACTLY the same as in Bitrix when using the ACTIVE KEY.

So you no need to arrange dances with a tambourine, after updating the module. Previously, you had to re-install modules and templates to recapitulate new files, run the wizard, etc perversions. And this has not always led to the desired result. Sometimes helps only a full uninstall and reinstall of the module.

How to install and use the script ?

Rosaryville in koreneve folder on the server.
If you decide to put in another will have to rewrite the paths to the files you are connecting.
Run the file get_update.php
Insert the key push the button "to Obtain information about modules"
The script requests the server to Bitrix key information and writes the information to session.
Mark off those modules and updates you want to download.
The script starts the download and put all files in the folder /bitrix/updates

If something went wrong, reset the session and start all over again.
The script is tested on engine version 15.0, 15.5, 16.0.11, 17.x. 18.x

  • The script does not send any data about you except for the specified key.
  • While supported encoding only UTF8!
  • The script checks folder for already downloaded modules, and updates this in the future!
  • The script is not able to install them, it is also in the future!
The script does not create miracles, it works EXACTLY the SAME as the core of Bitrix. Just allows us to divide this process into parts and then share with someone else the Delta update who doesn't have a key to this somebody could install them in the same way as you with the key. That's all he does and will do.

Scheme of work the script from scratch with the installation of Bitrix, General recommendations. If you have already installed Bitrix, then you can start from step 3:

1. The installation of Bitrix (Demo or from source);
2. In the admin panel do update the kernel this step is not mandatory;
3. Script native installation unpack in any folder in the site root. The solutions in the format of deltas unpack in the /bitrix/updates/ ;
4. Run first time the script native installation get_update.php and patchin kernel (automatically, this step is optional);
5. The update server is changing to localhost ;
6. Next, the script native installation installed in the system, consistently, without breaking the continuous numbering. Remember — the script replaces the procedure of purchase and payment coupon to the system, and the solution is loaded from the Marketplace;
7. Updates to the file not_mine.php (it will appear in the root of the site after you patch the kernel) to an array of all the decisions that are going to hide, for example, if you want to hide aspro.kshop made it instead of 'module.name1' and get 'aspro.kshop'.
8. Installation of recopilando script solution in the Admin system tab in the Marketplace → the solution;
9. If the installation procedure of the decision required, then run the wizard to install the solution or on the main page, click "Try a new solution."

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he archive must be unpacked and throw in the folder /bitrix/modules/, then set to "Installed solutions".
The installer is designed to install modules in the format of deltas. It automatically recognizes the files in the format tar.gz, unpack and install them in 1 click.
It can also install updates from the extracted sets of deltas that have the format of the file names in the form
"" (the first installation file) and "" (update file).

For modules they must first, as usual, upload the folder /bitrix/updates/
After the installation of the modules in the system, navigate to /bitrix/admin/partner_modules.php — Mounted solutions and complete the installation there.
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