$10,000+ I N 2 4 H O U R S

Hello Forum.

Today i want to share with you a very simple way to exploit a online marketplace for free digital products. I have figured out how to use Javascript to inject certain code into the web browser while you order either amazon gift cards or bitcoin vouchers or even games/ other serial keys.

Its hard to explain how it works because im not a coding guy but i stumbled upon this PDF tutorial and i just followed the steps exactly as it shows and it worked first try. then i went back and repeated the same thing until i have x14 $400 amazon gift cards and 9 $300 crypto vouchers. then i sold most of them on Paxful. Im keeping a few crypto vouchers to experiment with them. i want to see if they will ever get banned.

So anyways its a pretty good way to make some killer money i just hope it doesn't get over saturated after i share it here. but knowing how people are lazy and don't make a effort i doubt that it will be a problem.
so here it is, the same link i used to download the PDF tutorial. hopefully its still up for your sake. i have mine saved to my desktop.

Download link #1

Back up link